Saturday, May 9, 2020

Peconic Pathfinders and the Peconic Series

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Peconic Series  Run, Walk, Hike Join The Peconic Pathfinders Club
Participate in our Virtual Races while we wait till we can manage live events. Participate in the Peconic Pathfinders 5K/15K/1M Run/Walk/Hike May 9-15 Register Today and if you havent yet joined us, Join today!
Peconic Pathfinders  Go for a run, walk or take a hike!.        We were hoping that we could open up some events this month, but the COVID-19 recovery has not progressed enough to open live group events. We continue to encourage everyone to get outside, enjoy spring, stay in shape and soak in some natural, sun provided, vitamin D.
With Virtual Events we can go for a run, walk or hike, record it, take photo's and share with our friends. Just because we have to be apart, you don't have to be alone. We'll continue with virtual events till we get the "all clear" from the state, county and towns.
Until that happens, join us in some of our virtual events. Share with your friends. Score Mileage Points when you participate in Peconic Series or Stay Strong Events.  We will continue the series with LIVE ACTUAL EVENTS through the year. At least one a month!  At the end of the year we will have a big celebration event with awards and tee shirts combined with Mileage Awards, raffles and prizes for the year.
Anyone, anywhere in the USA can participate in any of our virtual events. Our live events will also have a virtual option. We have live Peconic Series events planned in Central and Eastern Long Island. Brookhaven to Montauk. All for great causes! We have several Long Island and NYC Spring Events that were postponed till the fall and will be part of our Stay Strong USA Series.
Join the Peconic Pathfinders and participate in our Peconic Series          Peconic Pathfinders on Facebook
All of our virtual races will be supported on the new, free ItsYourRace Virtual Race App:
Download the IYR Virtual Mobile App   
United We Stay Strong May 1-15
5K Run/Walk/Hike down the street, at the park, on the beach! Virtually Anywhere. 
Stay united with Social Distancing! Wear a mask!
100% of your registration goes to Feeding America.
Unite the USA in the fight against COVID-19
Unite the USA by Feeding America! We are all in this together!
We have opened registration as we continue the Stay Strong USA series with Stay Strong USA Unite to Fight COVID-19 now and May15
You can post your time manually on the results page. You have till May15.
Run/Walk/Hike Register Today!
Download the IYR Virtual Mobile App   
Anthony Parlato Mem 5K Virtual Run/Walk May 15-June 6
Moriches Community Center
5K and Kids .5M
1) Register Today
2) Get Your Free app IYR Virtual. Check your app store! 
Or you can Submit your performance manually on the Results Page
3) Find race on your free app. Search for Anthony Parlato Mem 5K
4) Run, Walk or Hike any where you like. Use the Apps GPS to record it or Submit Manually on the Results Page.
Take Pictures along the way.
Print your personalized certificate.
Share with your friends on Facebook or other social media.

Download the IYR Virtual Mobile App   
Island Harvest and                Feeding America!
Every donation of $25 will support a family meal kit which provides food for 3-4 days.
Peconic Pathfinders is raising money for Emergency Response to COVID 19, a cause I strongly believe in.

Will you please go to our webpage and donate?
We will keep the Feeding America Theme going and we invite you to donate to our local and national Food Banks.
Island Harvest of Long Island, NY...  Stay Strong LI! 
Or Donate to Community Food Bank of NJ Stay Strong NJ!
Donation to Feeding America! Stay Strong America!
Join Peconic Pathfinders
Virtual Events for now, Live events as soon as we are allowed! Stay Strong!
Run/Bike, Walk/Hike          Peconic Pathfinders on Facebook
Perhaps we can start hikes out of the Trail Center! We will kick off the Peconic Series at Calverton. I'm hoping we can open things up in June. We can expect a busy fall schedule as many spring races have postponed to fall. I'll be posting the new dates soon.
We'll do a live Earth Day 2020 in the fall with a 5K/15K at Calverton.
Peconic Pathfinders and is working on keeping you running and hiking during Covid-19 while helping us distribute food with Island Harvest
Download the IYR Virtual Mobile App   

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