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Race Directors sneak preview: LIRunning | Long Island Races 2017

LI Running   ItsYourRace LIRunning LIRunning | Long Island Races Check out the new proposed look of LIRunning in this sneak preview. Let us know what you think. Use the  CONTACT  form to comment. and Share on Facebook. The Official Launch will be December 1, 2016. Update Your Race information for 2017 for inclusion. Tell us about your race on our new  CONTACT  forms at the new website. ItsYourRace | Online Registration If your race is an ItsYourRace event. You should renew it for 2017. If you would like me to renew it for you, email me with your new date. I'd like to see all of you live when we launch. Use our new  CONTACT  forms on the new website. We are looking forward to a great 2017. If your not on ItsYourRace, You should be! It provides a full website for your event and from registration to results and will always be promoted on LIRunning. I'll do all the work for you in setting it up. Us