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Back to the Paths: Veterans Memorial Park, Calverton, Paumanok Path/Pine Barrens Trail,

    Peconic Pathfinders-USA February 2024 Pathfinders-USA on Facebook LIRunning on Facebook The hunting season is over! Let's get Back to the Path! You can join us live or participate on your own. Depending on your status, now is the time to get back in shape or to get in better shape. There's not a lot of events going on in the winter. It's too wet and cold. Many of you travel to warmer climates in February. We now have many friends who live or travel to other parts of the country or other countries. We invite you to share with us on any of our Facebook groups. Tell your story and send photo's. Group photos are always fun. Tell us where you are running, walking or hiking.   You can participate in our workouts, training or hikes, using our races, training or hiking with the itsyourrace app. and share with us on Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you.    Back to the Path Live in Calverton for a group run or walk on Saturday Feb 3rd. 10am Go at