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Riverhead Athletic Club and Peconic Trails

Trouble viewing this email?  Read it online LIRunning    NYCTriState    Peconic Trails Bike-Run-Walk-Hike           ItsYourRace Riverhead Athletic Club  2020! We continue to work toward new programs and events for Riverhead. We are rounding the corner. Find out more and join us  Sunday Dec 8th  for a free 5K no frills event at the Calverton Veterans Memorial Park and Pedestrian Path. You don't have to live in Riverhead to paticipate. This event will serve as the first meeting of the Riverhead Athletic Club        Check in as going on our  Facebook Event On Dec 8th Join us for  a Timed 5K Run/Walk at the end of the program to   Run Off Your Turkey 5K!  Sign up if you are interested in the new club.    Check in to our  facebook event  and let us know your coming!   Volunteers needed! Walk Run Bike at Calverton Path! Hike with Peconic Trails This Path also known as the Grumman Path and Calverton Path and EPCAL Path, 9.3 Miles or 15K. Big plans