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Ridley Virtual 5K and other Fall Events

  We are excited with the great responce we have had with the Ridley Virtual 5K. There is still time to register and send in your results.  If you haven't Registered...  Register Today!! You can post your results with our IYR Virtual App Or submit manually on our results page: If you are submitting manually, you need to submit from the same computer and e mail you used to register using your login information. That is a saftey measure so that someone else cannot post or change your entry. We will be available at Calverton Pedestrian Path on Sundays between 8am and 10am to help with entries and to participate live. Look for the Peconic Pathfinders sign at the eastern side of the parking lot at the Veterans Memorial Park, Rt 25A, Calverton 5K Run for the Ridley Virtual — 23rd Annual Run to Help Save the Sea Turtles will be run virtually — Anytime, any place, October 1-18, 2020 To benefit The New York Marine Rescue Center