Thursday, May 6, 2021

Live Events are Back!!!

Live May 1, 2021

If you missed Riverhead, you can still run the virtual till May 8th! Ridley 5K Virtual 

Live Event in Moriches
June 5, 2021
9:00 AM Group Start
Online Registration Only
No Day of Race Registration to avoid group gathering.
Online Registration Closes at 7:00 am on June 5th
Optional Virtual, Participate Anytime/ Anywhere now till June 15
Register Today

$10 5K Run/Walk | Kids Fun Run $10
$10 Optional Tee Shirt

Register Today
Stay Socially Distant and wear your masks while at the registration area. Do not gather in crowds.
We will call you to the group start. Wear your mask. When the race starts, you can remove it.
Bring your own water and dispose of bottles. Do not litter the course.

Try the free ItsYourRace App for Training, Registration, and recording your Virtual Race!

Download the ItsYourRace Mobile App    APPLE APP STORE  |  GOOGLE PLAY STORE
If you already have the Virtual Race app... Update it to the new ItsYourRace App 

Going forward, we will continue the virtual race for the convenience of those who can't make the date and those who remain unsure of the health risks. Virtual Participants have till June 15th to register and record your time. 

Live events will continue with an abundance of caution and health saftey measures.
Register for the live event now and if you feel you should not participate, you can change to the virtual event. Or register for the virtual event and you can participate now!  

Virtual Location: Anywhere, Any Time! Register Today

Participate Virtually Between now and June 15th!

We care and want to support your health and safety! Many people are out of work due to Stay at Home practices brought on by COVID 19. Social Distancing and masks are used when you go out to slow down the spread. We recomend getting outside and walk, hike, run. Its good for your health and your phsyche. Get out in the sun for some natural Vitamin D. If you don't feel safe going out and you have a treadmill, use that! Be Safe! Be Strong! 

Register Today

As the state is carefully preparing for recovery from this pandemic, we are preparing for a gradual return to group events. Social distancing remains in effect. We are not out of the woods yet. 

In support of a gradual recovery, you have the option to participate virtually and invite you to register and participate virtually at a time and place convenient to you while keeping socially distant. You can record your participation on the results page and on social media.

1) Register Today and order a tee shirt!
2) Get Your Free app ItsYourRace. Check your app store! You can also use the app at the live event on June 5th. You can use the app now for everyday training.
Or you can Submit your performance manually on the Results Page
3) Find race on your free app. Search for Anthony Parlato Mem 5K 
4) Run, Walk or Hike any where you like. Use the Apps GPS to record it or Submit Manually on the Results Page.
Take Pictures along the way.
Print your personalized certificate.
Share with your friends on Facebook or other social media.

Download the ItsYourRace Mobile App   

Anyone, anywhere can enter this virtual race. Run, Walk or Hike! Get out there! If you can't get out, workout at home. Come back and register. You'll be able to manually update your time. When you register you can find your listing on the results page and submit your performance manually.  If you have a Phone, you can record your performance on our Free app ItsYourRace. Check your app store! Great for everyday training too.

Use the free App, Or Submit Manually on Results Page


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