Sunday, January 10, 2021

Peconic Pathfinders Membership 2021

 Join us as we run, walk, and hike our way back to normalcy!

Peconic Pathfinders Membership, Programs and Events for 2021:

2020 was not a good year to start a new organization, but we were able to find ways to stay active, safe and healthy.
We've created virtual events for running and hiking that you can also join us live. We've helped other organizations raise funds by creating virtual events and continue their programs. We've created our own events as a community service and provided funds for food pantries. We've mapped out new paths to hike and run.

We look forward to continuing to grow as we hike and run our way out of this pandemic.
Join today so we can move forward.

Join today and run, walk and hike with us virtually or live with us in small groups for runners or hikers.
What is your favorite distance? 

We run or walk on Sundays at the Calverton Pedestrian Path at 9am on Sundays starting in February. You can run or walk any distance on your own or with a group and set your own time and place and participate virtually.
Group Runs and Walks Start in February at Calverton. Members Participate Free Join Today 
We will be starting virtual events that Members can register for $5.00 and record your race on our app. 

We hike every Sunday at noon. In January, we are meeting at a different trail locally as we search for parks and trails that are closed to hunters. Runners are welcome to join us, but you will be on your own. In February we will start hiking our proposed new hiking trails connecting the Calverton Path to the Paumanok Path and the Pine Barrens Trail Center in Manorville. Members Hike Free! Join Today

As the year progresses we will create larger live runs at Calverton and we look forward to working on our live events all around Long Island like the Center Moriches Community Center, The Ridley in Riverhead, The Montauk Turkey Trot and other new events and programs for runners, walkers, hikers and bikers.

All live events will have a virtual option, all virtual events will have a live option.

Membership fees go to to club membership in Road Runners Club of America, insurance, and seed money to organize events, permits and trail building and maintenance.

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