Thursday, September 24, 2020

Fall Programs at Calverton, Manorville, Riverhead and Montauk!


Riverhead Recreation
Every Sunday Morning @ the Calverton Pedestrian Path
Starting Sept 27th. 
Register Here

8:00 am Every Sunday
Run or Walk 1m to 5K Training
Riverhead Recreational will start Sunday Programs for walkers, walk-run and 5K training at 8am starting Sept 27th. and continuing through the fall. Use the program to train for and record upcoming virtual races scheduled for this fall.

9:00 am Every Sunday
15K Bike Program
Bike with us! 1 loop around the Path
Beginners welcome.
Every Sunday through the fall.

It's fall! Let's get started with the trails. It's been a tough year for all of us. Not a great year for starting a trail club. It is time we start turning things around. Fall is a great time to enjoy the trails and move forward.
You may have seen that I am starting fall training programs at Calverton with Riverhead Recreational on Sunday Mornings. Riverhead is our partner club with the town.
Peconic Pathfinders is our path to the trails. I propose meeting every Sunday for discussion and making plans at the trail center.
The county keeps stalling us, but the trails can't wait. Let's move forward. I'd like to present my trail ideas to the group and hear from you. We've quarantined long enough.
Let's move on with all safety measures intact. Social distancing and masking rules apply. We meet, discuss, make plans and hike. Start out small and build on in... every Sunday at noon. Who is with me?
We start Sept 27th. High Noon! First Sunday in fall!
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Peconic Pathfinders Trails | Pine Barrens | Paumanok Path

Run or walk virtually anywhere, or run, walk or hike with us live in Calverton or Manorville. We will schedule times and activities shortly.  Riverhead Recreational will start Sunday Programs for walkers, walk-run and 5K training at 8am starting Sept 27th. You can use these programs to record your participation in the Ridley Virtual 5K and the Montauk Virtual Turkey Trot. We will have Bike program at 9am at Calverton and start Hike programs at Manorville Trail Center at noon. This could lead to some trail runs.

As we prepare for opening live events up for this fall, we are introducing Semi Live events that you can participate virtually as you meet with friends, club members, team members and record your participation live by using our free app. You can do this any time and any place. Anyone, any club, any team anywhere in the world can participate. 

We will also schedule live participation on Sundays in September at our home base in Calverton, Long Island, New York. We invite you to create small running groups where you are and record your performance online and post pictures on our Facebook page. 

Register anytime between now and Sept. 30. Record your performance on our app or manually on the results page.

Download the Free IYR Virtual Mobile App   
Use the GPS on the App to record your activity!
Take Photo's along the way!

Register for these virtual races and participate live at our Sunday Morning Programs at Calverton.
Peconic Series:

September: Virtual Reality 5K and 15K Register today and participate on your own or with a group between now and Sept 30th. We may put on a live event soon with Riverhead Recreational and open up group training on Sundays!

October: Ridley Virtual 5K  Register today and run anytime between now and Oct 31st.

November: Montauk Virtual Run for the Turkey 3M, 6M and 11M Register today and participate anytime between now and November 30th.  We are waiting for Montauk official approval from town board at the next town board meeting on Oct 1st. We will then make registration live at:

December: Peconic Grand Prix  We are hoping for a live event in December at Calverton. In addition we will have a virtual race so that you can participate anywhere, any day, any time in December.

Accumulate points with each race to earn Peconic Tee Shirts and prizes to be announced based on total registrations to be awarded at the Live Grand Prix!  

2021! Peconic Live Events start every month!

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