Sunday, January 19, 2020

2 New Clubs, 2 Run/Walk Events 5K/15K plus 2 hikes! 2/2/2020

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Two New Clubs/ Events all Day
It all Start's Here! on Groundhog Day 2/2/2020
     Back to the Path 5K/15K 8:30 AM with RRAC
     Introduction to Hiking 11:00 AM with RRAC
                        Peconic Pathfinder 
                                                      Hike into the Pine Barrens 12:00 Noon
Riverhead Recreational Athletes Club
Celebrate the re opening of the Calverton Path. (Closed in January because of Hunting Season.) This will be an official timed event to kick off the Riverhead Recreational Athletic Club (RRAC) and Peconic Trails.
This will be a Membership Drive Event for the Recreational Club.
The club offers programs and events for Riverhead Parks and Recreation. Members would have access to free or discounted programs throughout the year.
Back to the Path 5K/15K Membership Event 2/2/2020 (Groundhog Day!)
Sign Up!
Run/ Walk/ Hike in Winter/ Bike with us in Spring
Events Monthly, Programs Weekly, Wed. and Sun.
Hike with Peconic Pathfinder
Open to all Trail hikers and runners.
Your membership fees will go into a special fund devoted to LI Trail Preservation and management and in creating new trails. Our newsletter will keep you updated on trail projects, hikes and runs.
Hikes every Wed. and Sunday in February! Join Us!
Creating and maintaining sustainable paths and trails for safe, off road use, for transportation, health and fitness while addressing environmental concerns and safe access to our public lands.Creating fundraising events and networking with other organizations sympathetic to our goals.
We are looking for Introductory Memberships, donations and sponsors to help us with our initial starting fees.
Volunteers needed, board members needed. Sign up for a committee!
Join us! Hike with us on Feb 2nd 11:00 and 12:00 and on Facebook 
Since 1994, LIRunning has been serving Long Island Runners by bringing you races, events and programs. We started as the East End Road and Trail Runners Club and we have morphed to working with events and clubs all over Long Island, NYC, Lower New York State and TriState NJ, NY and CT. Grow with us locally and regionally in 2020!
Results Now! Races and Race Results for LIRunning Events can be found as easily as their online registration. Go to to find upcoming races, events and programs.
Your results are published live as our events are going on. Photos are added as the race unfolds. Updates are announced on Facebook and by email. Photos are free to share with your friends. You can print out your personalized results certificate.   
                          LIRunning does more for you!
How can we help you with your athletic goals, events, clubs?
We are not just for runners anymore and not just Long Island!

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