Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Preview proposed Athletic Clubs for 2020 Walk, Run, Bike, Hike

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LIRunning walk, run, bike, hike
Check out LIRunning for November Workouts and Events and preview of proposed walk, run, bike and hike clubs for 2020. http://www.lirunning.com
Workouts and Events in Calverton and Montauk!
Get a preview of what is coming in 2020! 

Montauk Turkey Trot
Register Early!
Nov. 28th 2019

Race will Run: RAIN, SHINE, or SNOW!
Practice Runs at Circle Burger: Montauk Circle Burger is open!
Veterans Memorial Path, Calverton Free Programs/Events
With Veterans day coming up, it is fitting that we announce the November Programs at Calverton will be free. Sign up to indicate your interest in starting an Athletic Club in Riverhead. 
Bike with us on Wed. and/or Sun at 8am if weather permits.
Walk, Run, or Run/Wak with us on Wed. or Sun 9am.
On Dec 1st Join us for  a Timed 5K Run/Walk at the end of the program to Run Off Your Turkey 5K! Sign up if you are interested in the new club.
Walk Run Bike at Calverton Path! Hike with Peconic Trails
This Path also known as the Grumman Path and Calverton Path and EPCAL Path, 9.3 Miles or 15K. Big plans for 2020!
                   Safe, off road, paved, pedestrian path... walk, run, bike. 
                           Check us out on Facebook!
Peconic Road and Trail
Run Walk Hike
Island Running: Manhattan to Montauk,  Peconic Trails
Planning morning walks/runs at Calverton, all levels and distances. Beginners welcome! Meeting Wednesday Morning and Evening in July. To be announced. Interested? What works for you? https://www.facebook.com/islandrunningclub/   
The Island Running Club is for Hikers too. We are in the process of forming the Peconic Trails Society. The Island Running Club will be changed to the Peconic Road and Trail.
Runners join Island Running, Hikers and Trail Runners join as Peconic Trails Member. Open to all hikers and runners.  Your membership fees will go into a special fund devoted to Peconic Trail Preservation and management and in creating new trails. Our newsletter will keep you updated on trail projects, hikes and runs.
Peconic Trails on Facebook:
Peconic | Pine Barrens | Paumanok
LIRunning.com and on Facebook 
Results Now! Races and Race Results for LIRunning Events can be found as easily as their online registration. Go to www.LIRunning.com to find upcoming races. 
Your results are published live as our events are going on. Photos are added as the race unfolds. Updates are announced on Facebook and by email. Photos are free to share with your friends. You can print out your personalized results certificate.     
                          LIRunning does more for you!

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