Tuesday, February 17, 2015

LIRunning Blog

LIRunning.com was founded and maintained by Robert Anastasio as a labor of love and for the main purpose of giving back to his sport. I've watched from a far (a far way back) as Rob won races. I've watched while leading a race with a camera crew as he and Bob Nugent battled it out at the Southampton 8K back in (I'm guessing) 1994. Nugent won that one, but Bob made him work for it. I've followed from the middle of the pack in many "Ralph Runs" ( Ralph Epifanio, Islandwide Runner). Those were the days! 
The internet was in its infancy back then. I founded the East End Road and Trail Runners Club with a mailed newsletter, while Rob was spearheading LIRunning to the internet. When Ralph closed Islandwide Runner, Rob was missioned to continue the cause on the internet, while I was to attempt to continue the magazine under a different name. Not an easy task, very time consuming and expensive. I dropped the project. I took to the internet to promote the club. We expanded and right as we were forming Island Running, Rob E-mailed me. He moved to Massachusetts. Would I be interested in taking over the site? Well here we are!  Many thanks to Rob Anastasio for his insight and the many years of dedication to the Long Island Running Family. I am proud to continue in his footsteps. Hope I can keep up.
Bob Beattie, Island Running


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