Friday, February 8, 2019

RaceTimes: 2019 is your year.

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Is it time for a fresh start? 2019 is your year to start off on the right foot. Join us on a journey to fitness, mental clarity, and overall health and happiness! This issue features good running posture and how to overcome common fitness hurdles. On the nutritional side, learn more about how to stop night time snacking and why you should track your food. 

Race Recap: Bataan Memorial Death March

This race is an annual commemoration of the Bataan Death March of WWII. It is attended by survivors of the march, along with thousands of supporters from around the world. Follow Robyn's race recap of this grueling, yet remarkably rewarding marathon. 
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How I Started a Running Club

If you enjoy running with friends, maybe you should consider starting a running club. Here's some tips and tricks to get started. 
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Riding Guide for Biking to Work

As the days continue get longer, take advantage by riding your bike to work. Plus, check out if you live in one of the biggest biking cities in the U.S.
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Common Fitness Hurdles and How to Overcome Them

Are you tired of making excuses? There's a simple solution for each excuse you may have for not working out.
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5 Tricks to Quit your Night Time Snacking Habit 

You shouldn't eat after 7pm each night. Easier said than done, right?! Take advice from this nutritionist, who provides tips on how to nix the night time snacking. 
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You Don't Know Squat

Chances are you may be squatting incorrectly, which can lead to pain and even injury. Learn to squat the right way from a certified personal trainer. 
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Monday, November 19, 2018

Join us in Montauk for Thanksgiving! Register and/or donate to the Montauk Food Pantries. 100% of your donation goes directly to the Food Pantries.
LIRunning is in Montauk for Thanksgiving with the Montauk Turkey Trot 3M run/walk and 6M Run.
benefiting the Montauk Food Pantries.
Be Thankful for what you have. Give to others that don't.
Register and/or donate at:
 — in Montauk, New York.

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LIRunning    NYCTriState
Weekend Reminder:
Only a few days to go to preregister for the Montauk Turkey Trot. After 42 years, the East Hampton Town has allowed an "outside vendor" to handle registration. Pre registration will help us move the lines faster and serve the participants better with faster results and live results. We have provided a webpage dedicated to promoting this event.
Take advantage of this upgrade and enjoy Thanksgiving in Montauk's biggest event since St Patrick's Day. Register Today and help us make this the best year ever for the 42nd Annual Montauk Turkey Day, Run for Fun, 3M and 6M Run.
Montauk 42nd Annual Turkey Day Run for Fun, Nov 22, 3M, 6M
All proceeds from the race and donations benefit The Montauk Food Pantry, The East Hampton Food Pantry, The Springs Food Pantry, and Meals on Wheels.

Register early and avoid the lines on Thanksgiving morning.
Register Online today! for 3M, 6M, and/or Donate to the Montauk Food Pantry!
Register Online Today!
Registering online helps us serve you better.
1) Save a few bucks and avoid the long "day of race" line. No form to fill out. Just pick up your bib.
2) Helps us get the results out faster. You are already in our computer.
3) Your personal results will be e mailed to you with a personalized certificate attached.
Register Online today! for 3M, 6M, and/or Donate to the Montauk Food Pantry!

Tri State Events and Beyond
We are expanding our Long Island base, websites and services to Tri State Events for 2019 with plans to expand to all USA for 2020, with NYC as the center. We are building the site now, with full launch for the new year. We already have several events in NYC and Westchester, and are planing events in NJ and CT. We've served Long Island since 1994
Take a look. Click on the facebook like and visit our connected facebook page.
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Contact us about Event Management!
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